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How Do You Choose Your Pharmacy?

Many choose the pharmacy closest to home, and that makes perfect sense…until they move. McKnight’s invites neighbours to be a McKnight’s customer.  And if a neighbour moves- no problem, because McKnight’s offers free delivery across Hamilton!

Customers do receive good service at other pharmacies, but is it really fast? McKnight’s has express Rx fills in 5 minutes or less!

And what if you have questions about side effects and your prescription –  is your pharmacist available? McKnight’s is open every day and available in person, by phone and online.

Do the profits from your pharmacy go out of the province? Out of the country? Or can you find an independent, community based pharmacy that supports local neighbours here?

Community is Important at McKnight’s!

Many pharmacies have expanded into big box stores selling groceries and non-traditional pharmacy items! Their business model is based on high-volume impersonal transactions.

McKnight’s Pharmacy wants to build community with a different model by offering their neighbours and customers a better pharmacy experience. McKnight’s is independent, locally owned and operated, and focused on pharmacy services! Their goal is to be a trusted healthcare support service for their community!

McKnight’s staff enjoys working with a diverse variety of local people and groups to build an inclusive and healthy community!

Customer Service! 

McKnight’s #1 priority is exceptional service for every customer–with “express” prescriptions refills in 5 minutes or less, and free delivery across Hamilton!

Customers find McKnight’s accessible and convenient.  Call and speak to a pharmacist – not a machine. McKnight’s friendly staff specializes in personalized medications, compounding, and individualized pharmacy services. The staff is committed to remembering every customer’s name! 

McKnight’s is here to help! Customers are encouraged to ask questions! McKnight’s values communication in support of each customer’s good health and safety! 

 McKnight’s Pharmacy 

685 Main St East, Hamilton L8M 1K4


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