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How many times have you had to reach deep into your hard-earned savings to replace a phone with a broken screen or a faulty battery because you were unable to find a reliable repair shop to fix your mobile issues?

If you live in Hamilton and this problem applies to you, Mubarak Virani’s Wireless Whiz is your saving grace when it comes to high quality mobile repairs at an affordable price.

Since opening his business in 2017, Mubarak has transformed a hobby for fixing what’s broken into a forefront of the repair industry in Hamilton and his exceptional customer service has kept Wireless Whiz there ever since.

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to start my own business,” Mubarak said. “I saw that there was a need for an affordable local phone repair store with great customer service.” 

“I started Wireless Whiz in 2017 with hopes of reducing environmental impacts and to encourage buying used cell phones and repairing them, rather than buying new gadgets,” he said. “It’s also more affordable to repair a phone than it is to buy a new one.”

On his mission to produce environmentally-friendly products, Mubarak prioritizes using original parts for repairs and aims to return the products brought to him with the same authenticity and in pristine condition.

By employing a team of trained technicians, Mubarak has ensured that his services not only provide professional repairs for mobile phones, but for iPads and tablets of all the brands as well, while at the same time offering custom repairs with an eye and dedication to quality and efficiency.

His incredible vision for customer satisfaction does not end there however, as Mubarak also offers his clientele further options to shop local by providing them with the choice of trading not only used Apple and Android products, but new ones too.

“The customers are the best part about shopping local,” Mubarak said. “I have created so many meaningful connections and discovered so many new small businesses that I now also support.” 

“Shopping local creates a network,” he said. “When people shop local, they are providing jobs to their own residents, which allows me to employ international students and other newcomers to Canada so that they can establish themselves in Hamilton.”

An avid risk-taker, Mubarak left his comfort zone in India to move to a new country, create new friendships and learn how to start a business in Canada by opening a cell phone repair store. 

What he did not anticipate on his journey, however, was the introduction of COVID-19 and the carnage which the pandemic made of many small businesses in Hamilton over the last year and a half. 

“While the pandemic was hard on our business, it has shown us how resilient we are and how supportive the Hamilton community is,” Mubarak said. “Our customers are very loyal and they continue to shop local with us.” 

“It showed the importance of having an online presence and the need of using technology to stay in touch with family and friends, and to remain productive at work,” he said. “Today, so many of our customers choose to buy phones and laptops through us rather than spending money on a big box retailer and that is something we are very thankful for.”

With all the hardships the COVID pandemic imposed on the Hamilton community, Mubarak’s customers always recognized the values, affordable prices and consumer-friendly services Wireless Whiz never strayed from despite the financial sacrifice such undertaking required.

As a result, they continued to support the business by continuing to shop local and you can do so too by checking them out @wirelesswhiz on Instagram and Facebook, on the web and in person at 1-1024 Upper Wentworth St in Hamilton.

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