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Yes to Daily Gelato!

A new Hamilton tradition began in June 2016 when Amo Gelato Caffe opened its doors! Neighbors and visitors return again and again to this cozy, adorable Caffe at 171 Locke St S.  The staff gets 5 stars for their friendly service. Customers love the rich creamy Gelato and creative Amo flavors!

People linger on the patio on summer days, and hope to see the Amo Gelato Cart in their neighborhood!

Flavor Inspirations!

Amo takes Gelato flavors and toppings to a whole new level–where the possibilities seem unlimited! Chocolate and strawberry and fresh peach are flavors you might expect. Amo creates combinations of fruits and chocolates and toppings with yummy, unexpected results!

Amo candy inspired Gelato flavors fold in Reese’s pieces and mars bars for fun and delicious Gelato choices.

More flavor inspiration springs from pairing Gelato and pie…Lemon Meringue or Blueberry pie Gelato!  The photos tell the story!

Amo’s “BOTB” Gelatos were inspired by the sweet milk at the “bottom of the bowl” when your cereal is gone. Combining Cocoa Puffs or cookie crisps with Gelato is a customer favorite.

Try Amo Gelato Creations!

Amo has created special pairings! “Grandad’s Donut” is a halved donut stuffed with your favorite Gelato flavor!  A “Gelato Panino” is a fresh brioche, halved and stuffed with Gelato, then pressed like a panini for a hot outside and cold inside experience! The Amo “Affogato” is Gelato with a shot of espresso!

Try a Gelato float with root beer or your choice of cola.  Get a “three in one cup” with your favorite three Gelato flavors when you can’t pick just one.  Enjoy an anytime sweet crepe!


Gelato News!

To stay up to date with the latest, check out Instagram daily photos and descriptions. You’ll know it’s Gelato time!

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