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For the last few weeks, we’ve been hunkered down and hard at work in collaboration with the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office in order to build and bring to you our new initiative, Hometown Hub.

Hometown Hub has been built and implemented in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis in order to set up and establish local businesses for success online, so that businesses and business owners can stay connected to the communities they enrich, and vice versa. It is our mission to do everything we can to ensure the continued success of the innovative, creative, amazing people and businesses that help make our communities what they are.

To do that, we’ve established Hometown Hub as a one-stop source for information on any and all participating businesses and their online offerings, including restaurants that offer delivery, businesses that offer e-commerce and digital gift cards, and those businesses that offer live streaming of their services so that people can follow along with things like fitness classes, arts classes and kid-specific classes from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

What this means for businesses is a direct link to the customers that they cater to and depend on in order to prosper. Relying on foot traffic business is, for the time being, no longer an option, and with Hometown Hub, the loss that represents can be mitigated and managed.

Our team will work directly with you and yours to build out your listing on the Hub, complete with all the necessary information and photos that represent your goods and services, in order to keep you connected to your existing clientele and bring you brand new customers. If your business offers any of these things – food delivery, e-commerce, live streaming or digital gift cards – please reach out and we will help to get you set up as soon as possible. Further, if your business doesn’t offer any of these things, we want to stress that you can still reach out to us and our team will work with you to help in that transition.

Further, what we aim to bring to the communities is the ability to continue to support your favorite local spots from the comfort of your own couch. We want to ensure the continued prosperity of our local community businesses while also protecting our friends and family in the best way we can.

Our communities are made strong by people and stay strong because of people. Together we can get through anything, and emerge stronger, better equipped and more connected than ever.

To our community, business and public, we want to offer our sincere thanks from everyone at the Hamilton Rising team. Your support makes what we do possible, and we are here to return that favor in any way possible.

Be smart, stay safe and stay connected!

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