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Hamilton artist Dope Chief (Richard Magarin) has a unique style and story in his evolution as an artist! Born in Hamilton and raised on James St N, Dope Chief created art since he was young and decided to work as a full time artist around 2018. His murals and large scale projects require a bigger than usual studio space which he shared with others until 2020.

Dope Chief art has a basis in cartoons, pop culture and draws on nostalgia. Dope Chief adds unexpected elements to craft his story and challenge viewer perceptions. His work is vibrant, colourful and often interactive!

“Working as a full-time artist Dope Chief works in various mediums ranging from painting to sculptures and apparel design. His work combines the light hearted nature of cartoons through identifiable elements with mature themes often exploring death, sex and life.” — Dope Chief website.

Hamilton Rising visited Dope Chief in his studio to hear his story.

See Dope Chief murals at the Hearty Hooligan! Find Dope Chief art work at Hambrgr!

Shop for Dope Chief art and gear at the Dope Chief Online Store

Follow Dope Chief on social media for the latest news and projects!

Check out Dope Chief You Tube   Where are you Dope Chief?

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