5 Reasons I Use Facebook Less And Less

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1. My Grandma is commenting on all my posts!

With more and more parents and grandparents joining Facebook to connect with their families, we’ve all been there. That horrifying moment when someone has tagged you in a photo and someone in your family decides to comment, “Wow great picture (insert your name here)! How’s your week going?” Great, now I have to slide into my Grandma’s DM’s to explain that it was someone else’s photo.

2. The news feed displays what other people have liked or reacted to

I’m not into butterflies, so I don’t want to see that one of my “friends” has liked a video of those flying worms, which I now have had to pass by while scrolling through my news feed.

3. My whole family is on Facebook

Aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, you name it, they’ve all got Facebook. Odds are, they will see the occasional questionable photo or post that your friend tagged you in and you best believe that it will be a topic of conversation at the next family gathering.

4. Clickbait

Read a scandalous headline and you’re hooked…until you get sick of clicking “continue story” that is. The information in these types of stories is often completely insignificant or not true, yet they’re always appearing on my news feed. This can get frustrating when posts like these are getting in the way of your daily Facebook routine.

5. Instagram is on the rise

Instagram is the platform that a lot of people 25 and under are choosing to use. Especially because their parents and grandparents aren’t fully onboard with that Insta-life. It’s made up of videos with fast facts which are easily digestible and quick paced to appeal to the “on the go” lives that millennials live.

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