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Summer Extravaganza!

Hamilton’s 15th annual Fringe Festival will be July 19-29, 2018! Forty theatre companies will be performing over 300 live shows. Downtown venues include Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Theatre Inc, Mills Hardware, The Players Guild, Staircase Cafe Theatre, Artword Artbar, Factory Media Centre, b contemporary gallery and Evergreen Cityworks.

Performers and audience members often meet up at Serve Ping Pong to discuss the schedule and opinions about what to see first.

Fringe performances are engaging blends of the performers’ skills and the stories being told. Fringe events often blur the boundaries between performers and audience.

On December 11th there is a lottery drawing! Performers for this summer’s Festival will be drawn and announced at Fringe’s lottery party at Mills Hardware! The winner of Best New Play will be announced, too.

Frost Bites!

Hamilton Fringe presents a mid-winter event called “Frost Bites.” This is a 4 day festival/party/performance that is “site-specific.” In 2017 all Frost Bites performances were in The Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Companies performing this year include Blending Reality Productions, Flat Earth Global, Form Contemporary Dance Theatre, Just Look Normal, Open Heart and Red Betty Theatre.

Frost Bites will be February 15-18, 2018. The venue is a secret so far! We’ll just have to stay tuned!

Fringe Partners With Alert!

Hamilton Fringe is all about encouraging emerging artists. The summer Festival is non-juried, uncensored, with low application fees. All ticket sales go to the performers.

Fringe has partnered with Alert which stands for Artistic Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training. Alert is a program of the Hamilton Festival Theatre Company committed to supporting and mentoring emerging artists and producers. Working together is a perfect fit!

Are You Ready to Fringe?

Yes, you can Fringe! Attend both events and check in with Alert and Fringe to volunteer at Frost Bites and Hamilton Fringe Festival! Fringe events are affordable, welcoming, accessible and engaging, so missing out would be a real loss!

Fringe offices are at 95 King St E.




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