Barton Village is Welcoming

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Barton Village Invites You!

The enthusiastic business owners in Barton Village joined together to become an official Business Improvement Area (BIA).  This local group takes great pride in Barton Village and in serving their neighbors and visitors!

Barton Villagers are inviting you to visit their neighborhood and join in celebrating their community!

Barton Village has Events!

Villagers host community events in Barton Village throughout the year!  The Barton Village Festival is family friendly fun and Barton holiday celebrations engage the neighborhood!   The Barton Village motto of “Shop, Eat, Play” describes how they feel about living in their neighborhood!

Shopping in the Village

Visitors find flowers, art, furniture, jewelry, cars, clothing and more.  Get a hair cut, have a photo portrait taken, buy tools at the hardware store, stock up at the local pharmacy, and find great travel advice right on Barton Street.

Hungry shoppers are happy to find many choices including restaurant/bars, pizza, hamburgers, subs, bakery treats, chocolate, deli sandwiches. and groceries.

Woodlands Park is a relaxing spot to sit and read among the trees and a playground for the kids. Walking down Barton Street you’ll see friendly faces and historic buildings.

Where is Barton Village?

Barton Village is found on Barton Street E between Ferguson Ave N to Sherman Ave N.

Plenty of street and lot parking is available.

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