Summer 2020

in Hamont

2020 what a year! And it’s not over yet!

There are so many tough things we’ll remember about the year 2020! Most especially the loved ones we lost! And the challenging shut down reality we learned to live with. We lost some special Hamilton businesses, too. We missed precious time with family, friends and colleagues!

So what to do? Well…people got busy and stepped up to the new reality in impressive ways! Hamilton chefs kept on cooking! Hungry local customers ordered curbside and delivery! Local business owners got busy, creating awesome online stores where we all browsed and shopped!  Local studios, organizations and businesses streamed art, podcasts, live music, online yoga, dance, and fitness classes which we embraced with enthusiasm!

Health experts tell us we’re safer outside, so the obvious answer to eating and social distancing is patios of course! Hamilton already hosts so many beautiful patio choices! Let’s add more!

Patios became hot politics! Many restaurants applied to the city for patio permits! City councilors got involved, neighbours concerns were considered and eventually most issues were worked out! New patios are being added every day!

What makes a patio a patio? A flat outdoor space big enough for social distancing?  A courtyard or a fence or a wall? Greenery, trees and flowers? Shade? Umbrellas? We’ll no doubt see many variations on these basics in the coming days from a few lawn chairs on the sidewalk to elaborate creations!

Summer of 2020 might be remembered as the year of the patio! Will you visit local patios this summer? 

Be sure to check Hometown Hub Patios for an ever growing list of local patios to visit!

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