Local Show: Chastity Live at The Casbah

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Chastity is a multi-genre band hailing from Whitby, Ontario. Frontman Brandon Williams is acclaimed for his thematic and focused lyricism brought forward in quiet whispers and heated screams. Hot off the release of their sophomore record “Home Made Satan” Chastity began their year with a show at The Casbah, the first of a run of shows across Southern Ontario which ends at the Whitby Courthouse. Last night Williams selected a setlist of vastly different tracks off of the new record as well as his first, “Death Lust” showing the crowd that Chastity is more than a post-hardcore band (although they are a top-notch post-hardcore band). A perfect example of their duality was the choice to close with my favourite track Chains, which is impossible not to mosh too, then encoring with a new track Flames, very much a nod to new-wave which traded dissonant riffs for chorus soaked 9th chords. Fans looking to catch Chastity can scoop tickets on their website for the next coming shows (Whitby excluded as it’s sold out). This is the last chance before they head out on a Europe run and if you do go to a show, buy a t-shirt or a record.


Written by Levi Kertesz @levikertesz

Photography by Stephanie Montani @stephmontaniphotography


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