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Located in Dundas, ON, steps away from the historic downtown core and well within driving range of neighbouring Hamilton, Waterdown, Ancaster and Stoney Creek, Millworks Creative is a beacon of creativity, collaboration and collective artistic expression. It’s main goal: to be an incubator for established and emerging artists from every discipline.

To that end, anybody interested in not only creating but also cultivating a network of like-minded artistic professionals would do well to take a close look at this unique and intentionally crafted historical creative shared-space.
Filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs all currently call Millworks home, cultivating their passions and utilizing the space – all 12,000 square feet of beautiful, exposed, white-washed brick, wood beams, custom murals and antique factory windows – in order to pursue their passions, push themselves further in their craft and bring their ideas and dreams to life.
Millworks Creative is a community that fosters connections from friendship, to networking, to bonding over shared experience. The team at Millworks believes in growing their community and yours, all while inspiring creativity, creating connections and sparking new ideas. That’s what this space was designed for and what it does in many ways, from our communal work tables, creative studio space, events, mingling and networking opportunities.

Millworks acts as a gathering spot so you can find your next collaborator, business partner or friend.

Available options include common area memberships, social memberships, creative memberships, & private studios.

There is truly something for everyone and with a variety of studios ranging from 500-3400 square feet, your opportunity to let your creativity grow – or begin – is here!

Check it out today!

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