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Max Francis!

Max Francis adopted the City of Hamilton 20 years ago and is a true Hamiltonian! Max is an activist for positivity!

Negativity about Hamilton bothered Max, so he made the first True Hamiltonian tee shirt for himself to proclaim his personal hometown pride.

Chefs, artists, brewers, musicians, athletes, the city and citizens were already working hard for progress in Hamilton. Max joined in and created “Hamilton is Home” tees for every proud Hamiltonian to spread the positive hometown message!

Be Involved in Your Community!

Being involved is one of Max’s mantras. His True Hamiltonian apparel business actively supports the TiCats and Bulldogs. True Hamiltonian partners with organizations and businesses like Centre3, and Collective Arts.

Max enthusiastically supports arts events at AGH and ArtCrawls, and promotes the arts every chance he gets. Max talked about his personal enjoyment of the amazing Hamilton food scene, during his video interview with “Our Ambitious City.”

True Hamiltonian sold their multilingual tees online, and in a few partner shops, before opening their first storefront at 186 Ottawa Street N. Max enthusiastically points out that Ottawa St is only one example of a Hamilton neighborhood that has turned around to become a destination for shoppers and eating out!

It’s the People!

During his “Our Ambitious City” interview Max said, that for him, the best thing about Hamilton is the people.  Max chose Hamilton for his home and received so much support from Hamilton friends.

Max appreciates the honesty and “realness” of people he meets here.  We appreciate Max Francis’ creativity, hard work, positivity and enthusiasm! And we want our own “Hamilton is Home” tees!

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