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Is Amazon the Future of TV?

Have you cut the cord with cable tv yet? As online channels like Netflix and Amazon succeed, more people are opting out of broadcast networks on cable. We have always complained about paying for the cable company’s “value bundles” of channels we never watch. Who would dispute that the best content is now being created by online producers like Netflix, not the networks? Many of us aren’t interested in cable tv telling us who gets kicked off the island or what trivial event is considered “breaking news”.


It’s the Content that’s Important!

People love a great story and enjoy seeing it play out without waiting until next week to see what happens!  Bingeing got a whole new meaning after people discovered rainy weekends with Netflix!  And people don’t like commercials interrupting the flow of the story!  The story and the content is important for most people. The online format without interruptions just enhances the viewing experience. Being able to decide when we want to watch, and what we want to see and pay for, makes online tv a triple bonus for consumers. article 

Claire Atkinson wrote a fascinating article (link below) today about Amazon’s plans for Amazon TV.  She reports Amazon is buying up small tv channels and has plans to expand their global online tv platform. Amazon, Facebook and Apple are all planning on spending in the billions on content according to Atkinson. Their target is the millennial audience with a content-based online video channel business model.  Check out this interesting glimpse into the future.

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