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Life in a Van, In Their Own Words!

Short of knocking on their van door, the best way to hear this amazing story is to connect online! Hamilton couple Zoë Siskos and James Holmes and their dog Spanky are living a life changing adventure in their van!

The couple is generously sharing their story on their website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the CHCH, and CBC Fresh Air. They recently gave a talk about van life at Seedworks Urban Offices.

“Courage Discipline Focus ” the CanVan Mantra!

Zoë and James have been together for 17 years and lived in traditional housing–apartments, condos and houses. James was ready for a new adventure and persuaded Zoë that living in a van was the answer!

Van Life presents lots of challenges and questions! Could they live happily in a van? Are they willing to sell everything and maintain a minimalist lifestyle? Where would they park? And more…..

After months of planning and retrofitting their 60sf Dodge van, they moved in May 1, 2017. Solar panels on the roof and batteries provide power. They cook great meals on a camp stove. Zoë and James have gym memberships for showers. Singing CanVan Karaoke and listening to rain on the roof are simple pleasures. This family is traveling, exploring and living with less, and so grateful for the beautiful places they saw last summer and people they met along the way!

In August, James got a job in Toronto, so they “moved” to Toronto. It didn’t take long.

Inspiring Story!

The CanVan story shows us that it’s totally possible to live a simpler life if we want to. CanVan living is taking a risk to open up new possibilities! The payoff for having the courage to try new things is big! Zoë and James are embracing their adventure! We wish them well and plan to follow along and hear more!

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