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Strategies to Stick to Your New Years Goals!

Have you struggled to stick to your new years resolutions in the past? Do you want 2018 to be the year all of that changes? Consider these strategy ideas!

Get Philosophical!

Eighteenth-century philosopher David Hume famously argued against the existence of a conscious agent inside our heads directing our every action. Modern neuro-scientific research seems to confirm Hume’s belief, noting that ingrained habits and subconscious beliefs seem to dictate much of what we do every day. 

Based on this idea, our strategy for changing our actions is changing our beliefs and building new habits that serve us better.

Believe You Can!

Norman Doidge, in his book The Brain That Changes Itself, states most of our failures in life come down to poor strategy rather than biological incompetence.

Good strategy includes having realistic goals, a detailed plan and a firm belief that you can do it. If you don’t believe you can, you probably won’t.

Visualization is an excellent technique to strengthen your belief. Picture yourself being creative, learning more, exercising and eating well, in addition to actually doing it.

Write it Down! 

Writing down what you’ll do and when you’ll do it makes your plan very real. Write down your goal targets per day and week, your daily to do lists and your schedule for the week. The moment you decide to just wing it, you risk going back on autopilot and returning to old, unproductive habits.

Rethinking your daily activities, like choosing the stairs instead, or limiting screen time can help.

Motivation and Accountability!

If you tell your friends and family what you’re doing, they can spur you on when your motivation falters. Asking for help is a good idea. Sign up for a class or join a group. Group members are great motivators and have tips to help!

You Made It!

Many people can solidify a new habit in thirty days! Your new habits will be your new normal. It’ll feel more natural to keep doing these things than to return to your old ways. Congratulate yourself! What do you want to do next?

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