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Busy Beekeepers! 

Humble Bee partners Luc Peters and Dan Douma are busy year round! During these winter months they host beekeeping workshops at the Cotton Factory. Between December and June they have 10 workshops scheduled with several already sold out.

Workshop topics cover equipment choices, learning all about bees and honey, queen rearing, working the hive, practical beekeeping, pest management and preparing the hive for winter.

Luc and Dan work closely with the Toronto Beekeepers Collective. Luc is the Chair of The Food Strategy Committee for the city of Hamilton. Dan serves as a Bee Inspector in Ontario.


These urban farmers are self described bee listeners. They teach beekeeper listening skills and strategies for understanding the hive culture. Listening to the bees guides you while managing your hives. Dan and Luc promote bee health. Humble bees are bred to be disease resistant, antibiotic free, without synthetic chemicals.

You can take a Humble tour at one of their apiaries located in urban Hamilton on the rooftops at the Cotton Factory and Mustard Seed Co-op.

Sharing Bee Love!

Both Dan and Luc are committed to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for their work. Humble has all the gear, expertise and support you’ll need to be a successful beekeeper. In addition to tours and workshops, Humble Bee offers more ways to be involved!

For aspiring beekeepers, who are not ready for their own hives yet, Humble offers first step options such as renting a hive, sponsoring a hive or buying shares in a hive.  Humble Bee offers a free “Beeline Remote Support Service” to customers for the first year.

Thank the Bees!

Bees are always busy working, pollinating our food supply and creating amazing honey! Shop for Humble Bee Raw Honey at Mustard Seed Co-op, Denningers and other great local markets! Visit Humble Bee’s website for details on the benefits of raw honey and more!

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