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The Arts In Everyday Life!

We are celebrating an important story of Hamilton life today! As we look around we realize that the arts have become a normal part of our everyday lives!

We can browse pop up art shows on our neighborhood sidewalk and find handmade crafts at our town farmers market. Local musicians entertain us while we shop and eat. Coffee shops and our workplaces are art galleries.

Even bike racks feature graphic designs! Local shops offer creative displays. Neighborhoods embrace public art. Creative classes for everyone are offered at local shops, studios, galleries, theatres and libraries!

All In for The Arts!

The City of Hamilton promotes the arts and funds public art projects in all parts of the city and music festivals in the parks. Local restaurants hire artists to paint murals, offer their walls for gallery space and host local musicians.

Local chefs are food artists themselves! Collective Arts Brewery promotes local music and uses their cans as a canvas for original art for us to enjoy!

Supercrawl, Hamilton Fringe, Hamilton Film Festival and Hamilton’s vibrant music scene draw thousands of locals and visitors from throughout Ontario!

Enjoying and celebrating the arts in everyday life is a gift for us, that also builds Hamilton’s economic vitality!

LivingArts Stories!

Hamilton Arts Council hosts LivingArts Workshops, where creative people in the arts share their stories in person. The Arts council also hosts an extensive online collection of fascinating podcasts and blogs by local arts people sharing their personal experiences and stories!

Open Doors and Growing a Creative Community!

Hamilton has over 50 welcoming galleries and studios. Local artists host open studios to share their stories. Art organizations, like The Art Gallery of Hamilton, welcome visitors and encourage new artists with classes! Artist collectives support each other and foster emerging artists.

Hamilton offers endless opportunities to enjoy local art, music, poetry, film, literature, theatre and dance, as well as, opportunities to inspire our own creativity!





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