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Your Neighborhood Butcher.

If you haven’t been to The Honest Meat Company yet, you are in for a treat! Honest Meat opened at 182 Ottawa St N in July and has been winning customers with their personal service and locally sourced meats. Honest’s head butcher, Dave, can tell you which area farm your meat comes from, and personal stories about the farmer. Dave visits their source farms and talks with the farmers.

 Honest Meat Values.

Honest Meat supports the ethical treatment of animals and is committed to local sustainable agriculture. Honest sources only pasture fed animals, raised with GMO-free feed, without hormones or antibiotics.  The folks at Honest Meat trust their sources because they visit the farms on an ongoing basis.  The website proudly and transparently profiles their farm partners.

What You’ll Find at Honest Meat!

The meat for sale is stocked on a daily basis. You can get custom beef cuts, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb. Honest will try to satisfy special requests. Honest also does their own curing and smoking.  You can find smoky, sweet sausages, and artisanal salami.

Honest has ongoing specials called “Farmer’s Family Feasts”, a package deal including several  cuts and types of meat, such as patties, sausages, and a roast for a great price.  You can also find a selection of tasty marinades and farm fresh eggs.

Honest Meat Company brings you locally sourced meat you can trust and enjoy….as your local neighborhood butcher! Open weekdays 9am-7pm, weekends 9am-5pm.



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