Supercrawl 2017

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It’s Here! September 8-10 

Supercrawl is here! 2017 is predicted to be even bigger than 2016! Crowd estimates for last year say 200,000 people attended, and more are expected this year!

A voluntary poll among last years “Supercrawlers” (that’s a thing now) found that almost 70% who answered the poll had been to one before, and 76% were Hamilton residents. Sounds like great community support and a significant number of visitors from other areas, too. It was also reported that this Free Festival provided a $14.5 million bonus for people of the city.

This is the ninth year! In 2009 this annual art and music festival grew out of the monthly 2nd Friday Artcrawl.  Supercrawl has spread out to cover 16 city blocks with 6 outdoor stages, and added more partner presenters.

What are the events? (

The best move is to check the website for the schedule of events and a helpful map of where things are located!  It may take 3 days to see more than 50 diverse musical performances, live art creations, fashions, crafts, Circus Orange, and artisan markets. All shops and eateries will be open and of course, all the food trucks!  You will find surprises not listed online!

So be a “supercrawler” this year and head down to James St N, the “creative district” downtown, for fun, art, music, food, and inspiration!

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