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Summer 2020

2020 what a year! And it’s not over yet! There are so many tough things we’ll remember about the year 2020! Most… Keep Reading

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Celebrate Farmcrawl Hamilton!

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Have You Been on a Farmcrawl? What is a farmcrawl?  Hamilton Farm families invite you to tour and learn about their farms!  2017 marks the 6th year FarmCrawl Hamilton has organized a summer of tour events at local farms!  The calendar of summer tours includes animals, flowers, garden plants, food, honey, weaving, wine.  Check the…

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Lawn Bowling in Hamilton

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Lawn Bowling is for All Ages Now! Lawn bowling used to be a formal event (white clothing only) played by older adults. The good news is that today’s sport is colorful, casual and open to all ages! “Bowls” is a great way to get outdoors and be active and social in the summer! Play doesn’t…

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Destination–Westdale Village!

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Visit Westdale Village in the West End of Hamilton! Have you been to Westdale Village recently?  Visitors enjoy the friendly vibe on King Street West in the Village.  Did you know that Westdale began as  a planned community in 1920 and today features green space, historic architecture and a walkable neighborhood? Being close to McMaster…

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