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Hamilton’s Arts District!

The Assembly Gallery, at 4 Cannon St E,  is in the heart of the James St N Arts District. The September Supercrawl and monthly James St N Artcrawl celebrate creativity!  The Assembly Gallery opened in the former Hundred Dollar Gallery on November 11, 2016, adding this unique artists collective to Hamilton’s thriving arts community.

New York Times Takes Notice!

Michael Kaminer wrote an August 24, 2017 article in the New York Times he titled “Five Places to go in Hamilton, Ontario.” Kaminer nominated The Assembly as one of his five places, calling it an “incubator for edgier work.”

Artists and Exhibits!

Sixteen professional artists joined together to form The Assembly collective. The Assembly is an active participant in the contemporary art community. The Gallery has frequent exhibit openings in an effort to increase the pace of the creative conversation. Both non-members and Collective members exhibit their work here.

Exhibits at The Assembly use diverse mediums including sculpture, painting, fabric, photos, pottery, 3D installations. The exhibits explore, celebrate, and interpret human experience in relation to the built environment, technology, beauty, patterns, nature, progress, process, possessions, discards, each  other and more.

The Assembly website gives us a full artist statement and professional profile for each collective member. The artist statements offer insights for a deeper understanding of their work.

Gallery Hours

The Assembly is open Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 5pm, and on monthly ArtCrawl second Fridays from 7 pm-10pm.  You can make an appointment for another time by calling 905-522-5855.

Check out The Assembly online for artist profiles and news, frequent exhibit openings, and Instagram exhibit photos.

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