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Hot Yoga!

Some like it hot! Some not! De La Sol offers yoga for everyone!  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you’ll feel warmly welcomed here. The De La Sol hot yoga room has infrared heat-much better than traditional forced air.  Infrared warms your body just like the sun warms you when you’re outside. The penetrating warmth relaxes your muscles and joints for smoother stretching and flexibility.

Hot yoga is a sweaty workout for sure! You’ll tone your muscles, stimulate your circulation and metabolism, and flush out toxins.

At De La Sol, you are strongly encouraged to listen to your body, gradually improve over time, and take breaks as needed. Yoga is a practice of mindfulness, breathing, and balance.

If hot yoga isn’t for you, De La Sol has many “regular temperature” classes, too. You’ll find classes for gentle, beginner, and more advanced yoga, plus yoga teacher training sessions.

De La Sol offers classes at two convenient locations, downtown Hamilton at 430 York Blvd, and Waterdown at 255 Dundas St W. in Sobey’s Plaza.

Class Schedules for Your Lifestyle.

De La Sol’s website has detailed class descriptions to help you decide the best one for you. You can call to ask questions or stop by. All levels of yoga experience are welcomed.

De La Sol has day and evening classes 7 days a week to fit busy schedules. Downtown has over 90 weekly classes. Waterdown has 60 classes a week.

$30 for 30 Days for New Customers!

De La Sol encourages everyone to try yoga! They also offer Community Classes called “Yoga 8” where you can show up and give it a try for $8+hst. Downtown has 9 Community Classes a week and Waterdown has 8.

De La Sol Extras.

During summer and school breaks little yogis learn asanas at camps and classes. De La Sol kids’ programs include crafts, music, games and occasional cooking classes.

If yoga isn’t in your budget right now, De La Sol offers a barter deal called the EE program. You can take yoga classes in exchange for doing some work at De La Sol.

De La Sol offers towel and mat service, too.

Hamilton 905-540-3569

Waterdown 289-895-8222

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