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The Ottawa Street Chandler.

Wes Fletcher is a Hamilton Chandler, studying to become one of 3 Master Chandlers in Canada. You’ll find his hand-poured, hand-dipped candle creations at Wick’d Wax, on 203 Ottawa St N. Loyal customers can find Wick’d candles on Ottawa St plus 40 other Canadian retail shops who love Wick’d candles, too!

Light up Your Life!

Simply lighting candles for dinner makes eating together an occasion. Tapers, pillars and vessels filled with candles are fun and affordable home decor. Learning how to make your own candles is even better! Wick’d Wax frequent candle making classes fill quickly (see Wick’d Facebook page for class schedules), so sign up early.

Wick’d Wax Candles are Unique!

Wick’d Wax fans really appreciate the chemical-free ingredients in the candles. Wick’d Wax uses only ecosoya wax or beeswax to form their candles.  The natural soy wax is 100% vegetable  with no petroleum, no herbicides, no GMOs or toxic chemicals and no animal testing.   Wick’d Wax has over 70 botanical essential oils or premium fragrance oils to give a subtle, pleasing scent.

In addition to using the finest ingredients, Wick’d Wax hand dips and hand pours each batch, and assures quality by testing 4 candles in each batch.

Wick’d Wax candles are fun and beautiful! From the adorable owls to the signature birch bark pillars, it’s impossible to pick just one! Wick’d makes sand candles and their popular cupcake candles!  If you find a vessel filled candle you love, it’s a good idea to scoop it up because most vessels are limited quantity and may be gone on your next visit!

A Hamilton brick candle is a Wick’d classic and makes a wonderful gift! Check out all the great Wick’d Wax photos online and stop by the shop!





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