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Get Ready to Rock!

Big Wreck’s Canadian/US shows are selling out fast! Big Wreck makes one stop in Hamilton on February 10th at FirstOntario Concert Hall. Tickets start @ $32.50.


Their 1997 album “In Loving Memory of” went platinum 2 times! Add thousands of fans (Wreckers) and four great albums since, makes Feb. 10th a don’t miss show!

Big Wreck began when band members were music students in Boston. They rocked Canada and the US for 9 years before going separate ways. Living in Canada in 2010, Ian Thornley (vocals) and Brian Doherty (rhythm guitar) got together and created Big Wreck 2.0! Dave McMillan and Chuck Keeping on bass and drums joined in!

Don’t Miss Out!

You can request songs you want to hear at the show on Big Wreck’s twitter account, comment on FB and check out their music online! Get ready to rock!

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