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What’s a Float?

Float Therapy is a wellness experience of deep, restorative relaxation. Floaters lie on their backs in a shallow pool of highly concentrated salt water for an hour or hour and a half.  The float pool is in a soundproof space that is completely dark to eliminate sensory stimulation.  Most floaters report easily slipping into a meditative state of deep relaxation in this near zero gravity environment.

Is Float New?

The first float “tanks”  were developed in the 1950s and have been gaining mainstream popularity in the last 20 years. Scientists have been studying ways to achieve deep relaxation called the “Theta” brain wave state.

Theta Brain Waves?

Scientists measure brain wave frequency and identify 4 states. In the most active “Beta” state a person is awake and responding to life. In the slower “Alpha” state a person is awake but responding very little.  The next slowest brain wave frequency is called the “Theta” state in which a person is awake but not responding to outside stimulation at all. The slowest brain wave activity is the “Delta” state when a person’s brain is in deep dreamless sleep.

Scientists have confirmed that floaters often achieve the “Theta” brain wave state of deep relaxation.


Floaters report faster healing of injuries, reduced joint and muscle pain, and increased energy. Many floaters report a renewed sense of well being, reduction of anxiety, and improved sleep.

Tanks, pods, rooms…what’s the difference?

A float pool is usually placed in a contained space. One option is a float pool tank which you enter through a side door. A larger float pool pod has a lift top for access. In either case, the floater can opt to close the door/lid or leave it open.  A room or cabin is a larger float pool space with a door.  Some wellness centers have open areas with float pools for greater accessibility.

Three Hamilton Float Wellness Centers.

Wonderfloat, at 1970 Rymal Road E #8 in Hannon, offers float therapy pods for deep relaxation. Their pods have the option for floaters to select led lighting and/or personal music for a float, instead of darkness and quiet. Wonderfloat has additional wellness services including chair massage, sauna, and massage therapy.   See wonderfloat.com for details.  905-692-0088.

MysticFloat, at 230 James Street S, offers both pods and rooms for float therapy. Family owned MysticFloat is focused on float therapy for wellness and giving its customers a customized experience.  See mysticfloat.com for details and answers to float questions. 905-218-6072.

Zee Float, at 430 York Blvd, offers tank, pod and cabin float therapy options. After a float, Zee hosts a free aroma therapy oxygen bar with healing teas.  Zee Float also offers sessions in osteopathy, meditation, and massage, either separately or combined with a float appointment. See zeefloat.com for info and appointments, and answers to questions. 905-769-3404.

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