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Hack the City!

We want to add our appreciation and congratulations to Hack the City for a successful year culminating in their May 2018 awards event! McMaster students are innovating for the City of Hamilton!

Hack the City is an ambitious, non-profit created to connect McMaster students and the City of Hamilton—working together to find solutions to real-world problems.  The HTC approach mentors student startups to address urban issues. The City of Hamilton has identified 3 areas of focus-health, transportation, and energy.

Founder and CoDirector Daniel D’Souza is also CFO of the McMaster Student Union. McMaster University and IBM are major HTC supporters!

Every city wants to improve and grow. Creating better transportation, health, and quality of life while containing costs is the challenge. McMaster’s Hack the City is an annual competition for interdisciplinary student teams to imagine and implement solutions for Hamilton.


Congratulations to Catalytics Inc!

David Lee’s team won the most recent Hack The City competition for student entrepreneurs. Team startup, Catalytics, tackles health care issues related to high-cost patients. Catalytics works with hospitals to capture more information and make better predictive analyses. Goals include better health care as well as cost savings.

What’s Next?

The City of Hamilton has identified aging as the 2018 challenge. We are looking forward to Hack the City’s work and solutions this year! Hamilton is a more vibrant city for all ages with the infusion of McMaster students’ problem solving and creativity! Thanks to Hack the City!


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