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Ride To Work Day!

Monday, May 28, 2018 is Ride to Work Day in Hamilton! At 7:15am bicycle riders will meet up at Gage Park and group-ride to City Hall! Meanwhile, biking enthusiasts will gather at City Hall from 7am-9am to network, meet vendors and fuel up with coffee and donuts!

Four Years and Growing!

The City of Hamilton teamed up with SoBi (Social Bicycles) in 2014 for a convenient, easy to use bicycle sharing system in Hamilton! Today there are over 100 “hubs”and growing.

SoBi and the Everyone Rides Initiative are two parts of non-profit Hamilton Bike Share. Programs include riding and safety classes, partnering and outreach to the community, in addition to managing the user-friendly system.

The Everyone Rides Initiative focuses on making sure that all Hamilton citizens can access SoBi. Providing subsidized memberships and lessons help make membership accessible.

Everyone Rides Fundraiser!

Collective Arts Brewing and Serve Ping Pong are hosting the second fundraiser this Thursday at Serve! Whether your team is amateur or pro, you can join this fun ping pong tournament!

One ticket per team and all proceeds go to Everyone Rides! Stop in even if you don’t play!

Sharing the Road!

Bicycle riders are an important part of a youthful, healthy, vibrant city. Plus they are helping to keep our air clean! If riding to work isn’t an option for you yet, consider riding your SoBi on a weeknight group ride around town or a weekend waterfront tour!

Signing Up is easy! Set up your account and select a payment plan. Unlock a bike. Ride. Return bike to any hub. Check out the Hamilton Bike Share website for full information and fun photos! Even dogs love SoBi!






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