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Original Musical Theatre!

Fridge Door Live Theatre Company is back in town this month to premiere their new original musical! Check out “Short of 30” on June 9th at The Core Church, 616 Main St E.

There are 2 Saturday performances before the show tour moves on to London.

“Short of 30”–What’s the Story?

This original musical tells the story of 7 young military heroes who meet up during World War 2. Tragically each of them dies before reaching 30; yet this is a human story of inspiration and heroism in the middle of war.

Hometown Hamilton Connection!

Len Cuthbert worked in Hamilton for several years and returns with Fridge Door Live musicals for Hamilton audiences! Len Cuthbert is the Live Fridge Director and Playwright and his son, Fynn Cuthbert is the Composer, Musical Director, and Band Leader.

“The Performing Arts Experience”

Not-for-profit Fridge Door Live Theatre believes in the benefits of “the performing arts experience”. FDL offers theatre camps and programs for young people to have this opportunity.

Fridge Door Live Theatre Company has produced and toured with six successful musicals to date.

Last year they brought “Grace Mansion”, a story of second chances, to Hamilton. If you missed it, you have an opportunity this year to experience “Short of 30”!  Two performances are at 4pm and 7pm. Tickets are $18 advance and $20 door.

Fridge Door Live’s website has member profiles of this multi-talented professional theatre company.

Information and Tickets available at


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