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2017 Festival A Success!

Saturday was a perfect day on Locke Street! The sun was out, the crowds were big, the food plentiful and yummy, the vendor stalls diverse and inspiring, and the music was amazing! Some visitors were so happy about it, after getting home they came back again later for a second time!

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With over 150 stalls, the festival offered endless opportunities.  Vendors showed beautiful jewellry, hand crafted products, artwork, batiks, beauty products, hats, yoga clothing, leggings, comic books, to name a few.  Community organizations explained their missions. Businesses discussed their services.

And the food stalls! Donut Monster sold out!  You could eat pizza, crepes, strudel, muffins, coffee, gelato, smoothies, tarts and on! All the restaurants were also open, so, you could step into one of them for lunch.

With three performance stages, West End, Picks & Sticks and Marsales, the music started at noon and didn’t stop til 11pm! There were 27 music groups/bands, many local talent.  A few of the performers were Johnny Mac, Dave Ptolemy Band, Ralph & the River Rats, Michael Vallely and Matt Coleman, and Riddim Riders.

Locke Street and the Festival Continue to Grow!

This Festival began in 2000 when Locke Street celebrated their 150th anniversary as a community. Locke Street used to be a quieter place, known as the street of churches and antiques.

Since that first Festival, Locke Street has become one of the trending places to eat, shop and live.  Locke has world class restaurants and hip, creative eateries like The Burnt Tongue, Bread Bar, Brown Dog and Democracy for just a few.  New shops have opened,serving the neighborhood and visitors alike, with products and services they’re looking for.

After Saturday, many festival goers will be heading to Locke Street even more often for great food and shopping!

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