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Poke Bowl Cravings!

Once we tried Pokeh, we were hooked! True fans daydream about our next poke bowl lunch!

Ordering your first bowl is easy with the super friendly help from the staff. Your bowl has a base of freshly cooked white rice, brown rice or cucumber noodles. Add your choice of protein, then amazing sauces and finally toppings.  Pokeh has over 20 fresh toppings, so it may be hard to stop!

If decisions are hard for you there are 3 signature bowls to choose from and a chef’s choice just for you!

What’s the Pokeh Magic?

Pokeh offers one amazing dish and does it better than anyone else! Pokeh magic is in the freshness of everything in your bowl and the incredible spices. As you eat, each bite feels like a new blend of ingredients and tastes.

Poke bowls are a tradition in Hawaii.  The word poke translates to slice or cut. Pokeh takes the freshest tuna and salmon and cuts it into pieces and marinates it. Vegetables are cut into perfect bite sized pieces and delicately combined with the mouth watering, spicey Pokeh sauces. Pokeh toppings are the icing on the cake!

Big Thanks to Salar and Jeannie Madadi!

This talented couple left Toronto and chose Hamilton as their home. They shared their love of cooking by opening the Meat Ventures Food Truck. A small menu offered amazing food inspired by Salar’s Filipino and Persian family kitchen.  People in Hamilton loved it!

Next Salar opened Pokeh in the Hamilton Farmers Market. Pokeh offers a small menu focused on doing one thing really well! You can meet Shayne Madadi, Salar’s brother, at Pokeh, where he is the manager!

Now Two Pokeh Locations!

This spring Pokeh opened a second location on Concession Street next to the Zoetic Theatre. Concession Street is open on days (Monday and Wednesday) that the Hamilton Farmers Market is closed, which makes us poke bowl lovers smile!





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