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Trending Technology!

Fitness wearables are still hot! High tech activity trackers include increasingly sophisticated watches and high fashion rings like the new “Motiv” which looks beautiful and monitors your activity levels from your finger.

One Hamilton based company, Gene Blueprint uses technology to give you the best personal fitness plan possible.  Gene Blueprint analyzes your DNA and provides a custom, detailed nutrition and exercise plan based on your DNA analysis, extensive scientific research and their own staff expert evaluations.

Social Fitness!

Today’s exercise classes are designed to keep everyone active and motivated! Classes stress variety, fun, camaraderie, professional advice and challenge! Low Impact Interval Training (LIIT) offers newcomers a less intimidating choice (than HIIT) and can produce similar benefits with a little more time investment.

Today you can join rowing teams, dance (even if you don’t know how) groups, or a “Pound” exercise group combining exercises and drumming! You can throw ropes for a workout!

Being part of a small coaching group for 8 weeks gives you professional personal training and nutrition advice in a small group setting. All types of yoga classes are increasingly popular and great for core strength, flexibility and balance.

Groups are In!

Signing up for a class or a group is a great way to begin, or restart! Classes are typically more affordable than individualized personal training!

The Personal Trainer Advantage!

Hiring your own personal trainer gives you individualized, professional advice. Your PT crafts your fitness plan based on your goals and guides you every step of the way. For many people a personal trainer is the best way to establish a fitness routine.

A Fitness Lifestyle!

Some say it takes at least 30 days to establish a new habit. We say thirty days is a great start! Signing up for a class or PT can be just the beginning of a fitness lifestyle!

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