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Why Not Give it a Try?

Hamilton makes it easy for you to try yoga with over 20 local studios, plus public sessions like “yoga in the park!”

Many sessions are “drop in” while others offer a series of classes. Dropping in gives you a chance to see if yoga’s for you. Doing a series of classes gives you a deeper experience of yoga health benefits.

You probably don’t have to go full “yoga gear” until you decide if you like it. Just wear clothes that let you move and stretch easily. It’s helpful to have a textured mat to use.

What Happens at Class?

Most beginners select Hatha style yoga. A class lasts for 60-90 minutes and features 3 parts.

The teacher leads a series of poses (called “asanas”). You hold each pose for 30 seconds or longer.  Some yoga practices hold poses for 2-5 minutes. Each pose is designed to stretch and tone certain muscle groups.

In addition to asanas, students do deep breathing exercises, practice relaxation techniques and meditation.

How does Yoga Help Me?

Yoga is a workout for sure! Unless you’re already really flexible, stretching out muscles is a gradual process over time. Your patience will be rewarded with toned and stronger muscles!

Being fit is a great benefit but yoga is so much more! Yoga enhances awareness of your mind/body connections.

Learning deep breathing, relaxation and meditation gives you techniques you can use to reduce anxiety, calm your mind and body, and be in the moment.

Scientists report actual physical effects of yoga practice including lowered blood pressure, controlled adrenaline flow, brain chemistry changes reducing depression, lowered heart rate and deep relaxation states.

Yoga enthusiasts experience better sleep, better weight control and loss, reduced anxiety, less stress, reduced pain, improved fitness levels and flexibility, and a renewed sense of wellbeing!


Here’s a link to a recent article about yoga benefits for more info.

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