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Lawn Bowling is for All Ages Now!

Lawn bowling used to be a formal event (white clothing only) played by older adults. The good news is that today’s sport is colorful, casual and open to all ages!

“Bowls” is a great way to get outdoors and be active and social in the summer! Play doesn’t stop in the fall. Bowlers move inside to artificial turf fieldhouses for the winter.

The Roselawn Lawn Bowling Club (est.1925) in Gage Park hosts summer Tuesday evening coaching for new members interested in learning the game. The Roselawn Club also has events and open competitions scheduled throughout the summer season from May to October

The Dundas Lawn Bowling Association (est. 1914) located in Dundas on Driving Park Road is an active group of enthusiastic bowlers. Dundas Club contact info is available at

The former Churchill Fields Lawn Bowling Club competed on the greens in Churchill Park in Westdale. The Churchill Park clubhouse and greens hosted the 1984 Canadian Championships.

The Ontario Lawn Bowling Association lists contact information for 85 clubs in the province

So how do you play?

Lawn Bowling is played on a rink. There are usually 6 rinks on a square bowling green. The surface of the green is usually close cropped grass.  Bowlers play as singles or a team.

For singles each player has 4 bowls to throw. The target is a small white ball called the “jack”. The object is to get as many of your bowls closer to the jack than your opponent. One point (shot) is scored for each bowl closer.

Rules, strategies and fine points are easy to learn, but bowling well means practice, practice! Some newcomers are surprised that the bowls are not round, but spherical and weighted to one side. This shape allows the bowl to follow a curved path to the jack, helpful in getting around other bowls in the way.

Give it a Try!

Bowling dates back to the 1300s. Today bowlers are hoping that lawn bowling will become an Event  in the Olympics. According to The Spectator (March 20, 2017) there is a local group advocating for Hamilton to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games including Lawn Bowling. Whatever happens, Lawn Bowling popularity is growing! Friendly competition, fun, socializing and being outdoors in the summer….why not give bowling a try?

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