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Yoga Time!

After your active summer hiking, biking, and swimming outdoors, start planning to take care of yourself and your body this fall and winter. If you missed joining Summer Yoga in the Park, make this your Yoga Time now as you move indoors!

OM has Inspiration and Gear!

OM on Locke St S has everything you’re looking for!  OM will have you looking good, as well as feeling good, in their high quality, great looking yoga wear, plus mats, and accessories for your success!

You’ll find activewear for men and women, including Yoga leggings, shorts, towels, bras, meditation benches, bolsters, tanks, duffels, totes, tees, men’s “SAXX” brand of “life changing”shorts and underwear. OM has colorful “Spiritual Gangster”  tees and hats!

The walls at OM display beautiful, original artwork to inspire you even more! And then there are in store workshops and classes! OM has sponsored workshops on Mat Pilates, Breathing, Yoga teacher training, Group Book clubs, and Eating Well for Energy. The OM Facebook page has news about events/classes.

Body and Home Care Products, too!

OM carries the “Ursa Major” line of chemical-free, natural personal care products, including skin cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen, baby powder, and deoderant.  For your home, you’ll find the “Spiffy” line of naturals for cleaning your clothes and spaces at OM on Locke Street!

OM is committed to health and wellness, looking and feeling good, Canadian based and local products whenever possible, and a natural and chemical-free life.

OM, at 162 Locke St S, is open Monday through Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm 905-540-YOGA




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